ADS Interior

Supports Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, End users, Contractors and Dealers in the Southeast.  Our goal is to help our clients turn their “vision into a reality” with products from the quality manufacturers that we represent.

Cabot Wrenn

Since 1981, Cabot Wrenn has manufactured fine contract furniture out of Hickory North Carolina providing timeless style with full range of ergonomic features for design, comfort and durability.   Learn More


Since our start in 1964 when we were manufacturing in a small East Los Angeles Factory, we’ve become one of the leaders of laminate and veneer case goods on the West Coast.   Learn More


A creative manufacturer of innovative wood furniture solutions for Offices and Collaborative Spaces.   Learn More

Paul Brayton Designs

At Paul Brayton Designs furniture we create high-end luxury furniture with a European aesthetic that is hand-crafted in the USA.  Learn More


In 1956, the Golden family launched Stylex to address opportunities they perceived for more refined seating.   Learn More

West Coast Industries

For more than 70 years, we’ve been a creative and innovative partner to thousands of clients across the country and around the world.   Learn More